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SF Asian Art Museum:  “Exploring the Elixirs of Immortality; Ancient Medicines & Modern Beauty”

Another amazing opportunity!  BiaoHealth received yet another invitation to speak at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum! 

The Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibition features the impressive underground Army of Qin Shi Huang Di - and his obsession with immortality.  The San Francisco Asian Art Museum invited Amy Petrarca of BiaoHealth Acupuncture in San Francisco to speak and provide a live demo of Facial Acupuncture for an audience of 100 in their impressive Samsung Hall.

The other exciting news is that Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Corinne Wolfe from Tampa Florida will be assisting with the lecture and live demonstration of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture later on this afternoon! 

Both Dr. Corinne Wolfe & Amy Petrarca are participants in the inaugural Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture certification program at the North Western Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Minnesota with instructors:  Mary Elizabeth Wakefield & MichelAngelo of Chi Akra Center, New York, New York.