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Savvy Spirit Podcast Launch!  Interview with Amy Petrarca, February 2018

Amy Petrarca is interviewed by Sharon Mor, Founder of the "Savvy Spirit" Podcast:

"Passionate, energetic and salt-of-the-earth Amy Petrarca (said with an Italian accent) joins us today. Amy shares her journey from being a Registered Nurse at The San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Room to reinventing herself as a Integrative Medicine Practitioner. “Gone are the days of 5-minutes with patients!” Says Amy. She intentionally built a practice where she gets to the root of her patients’ clinical problems. From there, they create a plan towards optimal health together. She’s funny, charismatic, has a heart-of-gold and will make you want to reach into your device and give her a huge hug!" ~Sharon Mor

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast now