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New Space in the Castro District!

New Space –

A dream come true!  I finally landed a new space in the Castro District of San Francisco!  It’s just beautiful!  I am so happy to announce my new location!  I have not one, but TWO treatment rooms for clients! 

The first room is the dedicated Facial Suite.  It is just breathtaking!  I call this room the “Jade” room.  The décor is muted egg-shell and jade green, with soft lighting with paper lamps during the evening – and natural light through the windows and sky-lights during the day.  The Facial Suite is perfect for your ultimate relaxation and pampering experience!  I encourage you to try BiaoHealth Facial Acupuncture in this beautiful room at your next available opportunity.

The second room, I call the “Gold” room.  It is a fine blend of Tibetan dark reds and golds – with the beautiful Medicine Buddha Thanka that I received as a graduation present from my dear friends after completing my Master’s Degree in TCM from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006.  This room is also softly lit with paper lamps and has a corner sky light for added ambiance.

The new location is absolutely so convenient for everyone in the city!  Conveniently located at Castro and Market Streets, directly on the MUNI lines, the historic F Market train, and parking o plenty!  There are two-hour metered parking spaces just out front, as well as two-hour free residential parking on all adjacent streets.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the new space for BiaoHealth!