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Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture & The Three Treasures

The Season of Metal & The Three Treasures:

Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture Certification Series – Modules 7 & 8.  How perfect to travel back to beautiful Minneapolis, MN for the grand finale of the Facial Acupuncture certification series in Autumn! 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory, Autumn is the season to focus on all things ruled by Metal – being Respiration, Excretion, and the Integumentary System.  In easier language:  the Lungs, The Colon, and the Skin!    What do these three systems have in common?  They are all used to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.  It is a great time for “letting go” of waste, of toxins, of anything holding you back, making you sick, or keeping you stagnant. 

Autumn is my favorite season!  I am always so happy to initiate the perfect “Metal” treatments in my Acupuncture Suite!  I look forward to integrating the new teachings from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield with the Chi-Akra Center in New York City – into my treatments in San Francisco this season.

What’s new?  We are studying the vibrational level – called “The Resonant Face.” 

The Three Treasures In Traditional Chinese Medicine:

This is the third part of the three Treasures in Traditional Chinese Medicine:  Heaven, Person, & Earth.  Or Jing, Qi, & Shen. 

The Jing refers to the deepest level in a person – including something in Chinese Medicine called “essence” or your genetic predisposition, but also working on the deepest level of the being – which is how Facial Constitutional Acupuncture is so different in comparison to Facial Acupuncture alone.  Integrating the therapies and techniques on the JING level can make all the difference in actually HOLDING on to your results…. And actually allowing your “original true face” to emerge during the Facial Constitutional Acupuncture series.

The Qi (pronounced CHEE) level refers to the energetic, or body – somatic level of the treatments.  For Facial Constitutional Acupuncture, this involves the neuromuscular junctions, the motor points, the trigger points, and really integrating a full-body session into the treatment.  Some facial acupuncture treatments do NOT integrate body points, thus eliminating the QI level (one of the three treasures) from the experience of the Facial Acupuncture.  This is NOT a Facial Constitutional Acupuncture treatment if it does not include the body needles as well with a focus on supporting the person constitutionally.

The Shen level refers to the spirit or emotional component in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Incorporating the Shen, or spirit – is absolutely crucial in Facial Constitutional Acupuncture treatments because emotion (whether carrying it or releasing it) dramatically effects the FACE that we see in the mirror each day, how we feel, and what we present to the world.

Many times, it is the emotional component, the Shen – that we see when we look into another’s eyes – into their HEART/MIND – and we relate on this level. 

So, in closing – integrating the THREE TREASURES of Jing, Qi, Shen – or Heaven, Person, Earth – in Facial Constitutional Acupuncture sessions can be a wonderful way to yield long-lasting and beautiful results.  I find that Facial Constitutional Acupuncture Series are a relaxing and supportive way to promote a beautiful, nurturing, transformative approach to HEALTHFUL-AGING!