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Facial Constitutional Acupuncture, The New Protocols, Yo San University, August 2014

Amazing Experience!  What a thrill!

Amy Petrarca of BiaoHealth, San Francisco, Graduate of the Inaugural Class of The Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture Certification - invited to assist in teaching "The New Protocols" with her esteemed teacher, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield at Yo San Universtiy in Los Angeles, California, August 2014.

My first trip to Los Angeles in over twenty years!  I was absolutely humbled and ecstatic to receive an invitation from my teacher, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield - to assist in teaching "The New Protocols" at Yo San University.

These New Protocols are absolutely integral in achieving the kind of results that my clients want to experience.  Focusing on the twelve major "problem areas" of the face, The New Protocols utilize the Origin-Insertion techniques to target specific muscular effects. 

As always, these protocols are merely one of the ingredients for success, as Facial Acupuncture results typically are dependent upon the practitioner's understanding and implementation of a holistic and constitutional approach. 

Healthful Aging is so popular right now, and people really do want to age beautifully and naturally -- avoiding cosmetic procedures, injections, and surgeries.  I am so happy to be offering BiaoHealth Facial Acupuncture here in San Francisco!

It was also my great pleasure to assist with the education of 50 acupuncturists - who had committed to four solid days of learning and practicing these techniques.  I met so many wonderful acupuncturists, and even became more aware of my own love of teaching. 

What a thrill to have the clinical experiences of teaching nurses, paramedics, and acupuncturists - the clinical skills and assessment skills that can benefit both the patients and the practitioners!

Thank you Mary Elizabeth Wakefield for this incredible opportunity!

This class has been offered at a few select TCM schools around the United States, and is further being offered all over the world - as Mary Elizabeth Wakefield promotes and launches her new publication with Elsevier, Facial Constitutional Acupuncture, published in February of 2014.