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Facial Acupuncture Before and After Photos!

The Results are in! Facial Acupuncture a huge success!

Facial Acupuncture Before & after photos!  Absolutely amazing!  I am so excited about the results with my Before and After Facial Acupuncture photos with my subjects.  The experience could NOT have been better!  There were so many surprises along the way – but the biggest and best surprise was the way these AFTER photos looked when placed next to the BEFORE photos!  Wow!  I can really see the difference in each of their faces!

The expression in the eyes, the luster of the skin, the resilience, the moisture, the complexion, the vitality!  All of these components are improved with each subject!  Not to mention the “lift” in the supra-orbital (eye) region and the mouth areas.  Even some of the wrinkles and other imperfections seem to be completely eliminated!  I am so happy with this work – and even happier that the Facial Acupuncture results can be CAPTURED with photography!