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DNA Skincare and Dr. Noel Aguilar, MD

The Skin Teaches The Brain - Dr. Noel Aguilar MD

Determining which skin-care line to utilize with my facial services is not an easy task!  I knew that I needed to LOVE the line... and I knew it had to be the highest quality.  The other variables that I was evaluating included the following:

  • Free from harmful ingredients
  • Clinically formulated product with proven results
  • Result driven product
  • Organic ingredients
  • Integrated Aromatherapy
  • Educated integration of Botanical ingredients
  • High Integrity company willing to sell only the BEST product

This was all important to me because I know my clients and I know they want the safest and most effective skin care available.  I had heard about the DNA line - so I decided to drive almost 400 miles to Ventura, California and meet the creator, Dr. Noel Aguilar for myself.  I needed to BE SURE that what I was bringing into my clinical practice was EXACTLY what I wanted.  I didn't want something invented by a "salesman."  I wanted a result-driven product invented by a doctor.

I was very impressed with Dr. Aguilar.   As he spoke of his background in BioChemistry - and also of his medical practice, I knew I had found a reputable individual.  He was kind and personable - and began to explain WHY he created these products, and then proceeded to explain the utilization. 

I love how the DNA line is meant to be "cocktailed."  This means that you can "mix" certain products with other products - the same way you would add salt, then pepper in the kitchen.  I liked this idea of really customizing the product blends for each client's needs. 

Also - as I read the ingredient list for each product - I was extremely impressed with how Dr. Aguilar was able to so thoughtfully integrate the most beautiful ingredients together harmoniously.  This is very much the way that Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists make their herbal formulas.  I knew that this was a wonderful approach.

Lastly - as I read the functions of each product - Dr. Aguilar was careful to include what I would call the "SHEN" or "spiritual" component using botanicals & aromatherapy in each product.  This is extremely important in my practice.  Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual health must be included for lasting results. 

More on this topic coming soon!