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Amy Petrarca guest lecturer at UCSF School of Nursing

Amy Petrarca of BiaoHealth - Lectured at UCSF School of Nursing Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program

Mark Hawk,  RN, MSN, ACNP-BC. (Associate Clinical Professor in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty)  cordially invited me to speak as a guest lecturer at UCSF School of Nursing for the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program for the fourth year in a row! 

I love the opportunity to share Tradtional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and discuss Complementary Medicine with Nurse Practitioners working in the hospital setting.  The group this time was large, 26 students in all.  We started with a discussion about the definitions, examples, and personal experiences with Complementary Medicine. 

Class participation was great!  I was fortunate enough to have my new colleague, Courtney Moore, recent graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, accompany me on this speaking engagement.  It is always so refreshing for me to have a fresh new perspective when fielding questions from such an intelligent and thoughtful group.

We talked about the clinical and didactic portions of the training to become licensed Acupuncture in the State of California.  Botanical medicines, research, and efficacy was explored -- along with drug-herb interactions.  Acupuncture needling techniques and needle prescriptions were also a hot topic with this group.

I was pleased to use a power point presentation to explain a case study and outcome for this class - demonstrating how different medicines can work cohesively together to produce optimal patient outcomes. 

Overall, I would say that I was received very well by Mark Hawk's class, and I was pleased to be approached after the lecture with inquiries for personal consultations and appointments!