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Amy Petrarca attends Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry January 2013

Amy Petrarca attends a solid weekend of hematology, chemistries, and everything you ever wanted to know about LABS!

Did you ever go in to be evaluated for symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, or something else -

- only to have your test results come back and the clinician says,

"Everything is normal.  There's nothing wrong with you." 

And you are wondering, "Then why do I feel so terrible?"

Let me tell you that this happens ALL the time!  Why???? 

Well, this is because first of all -- laboratory results do not reveal EVERYTHING.  But more importantly -- this is because many of us are within the normal range of certain values, but outside the FUNCTIONAL range of laboratory values. 

This can make all the difference in the world! 

Functional Blood Chemistry is facilitated by Apex Energetics in collaboration with Principal Laboratories.  I was both impressed and overwhelmed on the first day when I was handed not one -- but TWO huge 3-ring binders, collectively weighing about 6 pounds.

The information that I chewed on this weekend is really informative and helpful -- and I am challenged to bring this new knowledge regarding data collection into my private practice.... TOMORROW! 

Let me know if you have had a similar experience with labwork -- and if you would like a better explanation for your symptoms.