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Erythema Nodosum - A Clinical Case Study with Reflections - CJOM - Spring Summer 2016

Erythema Nodosum - A Clinical Case Study with Reflections -

Published in the California Journal of Oriental Medicine - Spring Summer 2016

I am so excited to report that I have now been published in my first Medical Journal!  Thank you CJOM!  This was such an amazing experience for me in so many ways.

Please feel free to click on the link below to acquire the PDF of the published article.

Erythema Nodosum A Clinical Case Study with Reflections by Amy Petrarca full article PDF

Abstract:  The

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Functional Medicine Annual International Conference “OMICS” Revolution Austin, TX 2015

Amy Petrarca travels to Austin, TX to attend the Insitute for Functional Medicine Annual International Conference:  The "Omics" Revolution!

My first time to Austin, Texas!  Unbelieveable!  As a birder, I was so happy to find the area populated with Great-Tailed Grackles!  Inexpensive breakfast tacos, and the friendliest people.  This was my first AIC with IFM; and it did NOT disappoint!  To hear lecture from some of the most brilliant minds in the field was a true humbling honor!  I am always so buoyant after these immersions in my functional medicine

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Functional Medicine Detoxification & BioTransformation Module, Denver, CO, 2014

Amy Petrarca travels to Denver, CO to attend the Insitute for Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module on Detoxification and BioTransformation.

Wow!  I absolutely LOVE Functional Medicine!  I think I may be the new president of their fan club!  Seriously though.... I love getting into the "nit and grit" of the details!  The BioChemistry of Phase I and Phase II Detoxification!  Our human bodies are so amazing!  At any given time, we are so busy doing endless metabolic processes!  Even when you are lying down sleeping, your liver is BUSY metabolizing

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Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module Immunology, Tampa, Florida 2013

Amy Petrarca travels to Tampa, Florida to attend the Institute for Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module on Immunology.

What an amazing experience!  It is difficult to explain the exhilaration I feel just being around other Health Care Providers who are as passionate about health, wellness, and prevention of disease as I am!  And - to sit in the front row in an audience of several hundred physicians and clinicians from all over the world!  Next to me, an MD from Atlanta, Georgia, and behind me, a surgeon from Italy!  All of us here

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Amy Petrarca attends Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry January 2013

Amy Petrarca attends a solid weekend of hematology, chemistries, and everything you ever wanted to know about LABS!

Did you ever go in to be evaluated for symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, or something else -

- only to have your test results come back and the clinician says,

"Everything is normal.  There's nothing wrong with you." 

And you are wondering, "Then why do I feel so terrible?"

Let me tell you that this happens ALL the time!  Why???? 

Well, this

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