Meet the Founder of BiaoHealth... Amy Petrarca, Registered Nurse, Licensed Acupuncturist

...born on the East Coast, raised in the Mid-West, and migrated to the left coast, San Francisco in 1999.

After graduating from Auburn University School of Nursing with her BSN degree in 1993, Amy Petrarca had already solidified the foundation of her Professional Emergency Nursing experience at some of the most reputable hospitals in the country including:

  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida
  • Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Boston Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts
  • St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
  • San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, California

In 1999, Amy Petrarca accepted employment at the Department of Public Health:  San Francisco General Hospital in the Trauma Center's Emergency Department.   In 2001, Amy Petrarca worked as a Clinical Instructor for the Paramedic Educational Program through San Francisco City College, helping to educate and train paramedics for the City & County of San Francisco. 

Functioning as the Relief Charge Nurse on Friday and Saturday Night-Shifts for four years - Amy Petrarca was able to achieve a Master's Degree in Science at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Potrero Hill, San Francisco, California.

Reinventing herself as an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Amy Petrarca has spent the last fourteen years immersed in the study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, founding BiaoHealth in 2007.

Amy Petrarca recognized after being in the Emergency Room setting for over a decade, that the majority of the patients seeking help & health care in the ERs around the country were actually suffering from chronic health care problems that were not being addressed at the root of their problems.  Patients were given presciptions for their symptoms and instructions to follow-up with their primary care doctors. 

Amy wanted to create a place where she could spend more than five minutes with a patient, really listening to their issues, and getting to the root of their clinical problems.   Amy longed to work with people who are dedicated to their own health and wellness goals, in an Integrated Clinical setting.

BiaoHealth provides exactly this framework - enabling Amy Petrarca to spend 60 to 120 minutes with each patient, helping to support them every step of the way:  diagnostics, therapeutics, and even learning ways to mitigate the negative effects of stress on the body & mind.

Amy Petrarca is licensed by the California Board of Nursing, the California Acupuncture Board, and is a Diplomate of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM.  Amy Petrarca is also a Professional Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has completed the following in her quest for certification:

  • AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) - Portland, OR, 2010.
  • Advanced Practice Hormone Module - New Orleans, LA, 2012.
  • Advanced Practice Immunology Module - Tampa, FL, 2013.
  • Advanced Practice Detoxification & BioTransformation Module - Denver, CO, 2014.
  • Advanced Practice CardioMetabolic Module - Atlanta, GA, 2016.
  • Advanced Practice GastroIntestinal Module - Denver, CO, 2017.

Amy Petrarca has studied Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Li Ping Zhu, of Qi Dragon Center in San Francisco, CA since 2003.

Amy Petrarca has studied Facial Constitutional Acupuncture Renewal (2005, 2011, 2012)  with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Awarded Educator of the Year by the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).

Amy Petrarca is one of 25 International Acupuncturists chosen to participate in the first ever Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture Certification program at The NorthWestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Having completed the 200-hour certification in October 2013, Amy is a part of this elite group of International Acupuncturists, determined to be the best Facial Acupuncturists in the world. 

Amy Petrarca also enjoys public speaking and educational opportunities.  She has created presentations and demonstrations for the following institutions by invitation:

  • The University of San Francisco Medical Center School of Nursing, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016)
  • AirBnB Health & Wellness Fair, 2012.
  • The San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibition:  "The Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Three Treasures, Four Levels, Five Elements" - (March 2013)
  • The San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibition:  "Exploring the Elixirs of Immortality; Ancient Medicines & Modern Beauty" - (April 2013)
  • Guest speaker, Kinesiology Department at the University of San Francisco, Nov 2015.
  • The Olympic Club, Health & Lifestyle Expo, San Francisco, Jan 2016.

Both of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum lectures are available on YouTube. 

Please inquire if you have an interest in having Amy Petrarca speak at your event.